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As designers conceived this fragrance . The One perfume is designed for women Alastnaúaat captors to pay attention not only Bashklhm but Bosloppem upscale interior and camels . This fragrance has a separate and distinct personality gives attractive just like any other perfume of design . D & G fragrance ingredients derived from flowers and fruit , vanilla, thin and attractive . Commensurate with the color of the fragrance smelled an excellent manner .

Summary fragrance consists of mandarin and bergamot and refreshing fruit lychee and peach extract . Fragrance consists of components such as thin Summary jasmine flower and lily of the valley and white lily with a summary of the components of plum fruit . Components of the fragrance is characterized as a summary of aromatic wood like the roots of grass and Indian amber and musk and vanilla . The One perfume was designed in 2006 .